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Time for Reflection

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

The team used this weekend’s meeting to reflect on our first scrum milestone. At the beginning of the month, we decided that our goal was to have a flying drone prototype and have a working vision algorithm for tracking Roombas. The drone prototype is the same design as what will be the final, only differing in the material in which the body is made. Currently, the body is made of 1/8th plywood, but the final design will feature a carbon fiber body. By making the body out of plywood, the hardware team is able to rapidly iterate on electronic placement and wire routing by making small changes and laser cutting a cheap new frame. We were also able to accomplish our object tracking objective in this scrum as well. The officers took input from members as to how effective the team was functioning and how to improve. Overall, the team is working extremely well together and only small team structure changes will be made in the next scrum. We finished the meeting by setting goals for the month of March. Our goals include basic autonomous flight, grid tracking, and integrating our Jetson with the drone, as well as finalizing all the hardware changes to the drone.

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