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Texas Aerial Robotics was founded in 2017 by a handful of UT students excited by the possibility of building a fully autonomous drone from scratch. That passion eventually led to TAR competing among top universities from around the world at International Aerial Robotics Competition. Today, TAR provides undergraduate students with the opportunity and resources to work on cutting edge robotics. 


Technical Skills

Our members do hands-on work with a variety of different skills across the design and development process.


  • CAD

  • Prototyping + Manufacturing

  • Embedded Electronics


  • ROS (C++, Python)

  • PX4

  • Computer Vision

  • Path Planning

  • SLAM

What we're working on this year

We're working hard to design, build, and program a fully autonomous drone to navigate an obstacle course by the end of the academic year. Starting from the ground up, this involves a huge effort across all of our hardware and software divisions.

We also have a team competing in the 2023 Raytheon Drone Showcase. The Showcase is a pursuit-evasion challenge involving both aerial and ground robots.

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