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End of Semester

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

The spring semester has drawn to a close. The team has made incredible progress on all fronts of the project. One of the big changes we made at he the beginning of this semester was the addition of a business sub-team. This team is responsible for the majority of the logistics of the organization. With the help of our sponsoring professor, the business team reached out to a couple of corporations. Thanks to these efforts we are very proud to announce that General Dynamics Mission Systems(GDMS) has become a financial sponsor of Texas Aerial Robotics. GDMS has allowed us to make the rest of our development and trip to Atlanta possible and we want to publicly thank them for believing in us.

Our hardware team has work tirelessly to give the team our dream drone. The fruits of their labor have given the software sub-teams a solid capable platform that is well suited to perform the task presented to us in mission 7. Every week the hardware team met multiple times a week to design, fabricate, test and iterate on the drone.

Our controls team has made significant progress in getting the drone to fly. As the semester closes the drone is capable of semi-autonomous flight. Every week the controls team has learned more about autonomous flight and sensor integration.

Our computer vision has also made great progress in target tracking as well as positioning with respect to the grid. They have produced code that will be integrated with the drone over the summer

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