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IARC Mission 9 Promo

For 2020, IARC is changing missions. Mission 9 is designed to challenge the bounds of what is currently possible in aerial robotics. For this mission, teams will have to demonstrate the following capabilities:​

  • Precision manipulation of large objects

  • Fast outdoor operations over a long distance

  • Interaction with moving frames of reference

  • Aerial robotic repair of mobile platforms

  • Optical recognition

  • Using ONLY onboard computing (NEW)

Mission 9 Objectives

Our drone will have to fly approximately 2 miles away from the starting location, around pylons, and to a mast simulating the movement of a ship at sea. Once there, the drone has to become synchronized with the mast in order to remove a "defective communications module" attached to the mast, and then replace it with a good module. Lastly, it must return to the starting location having completed the task in under 9 minutes!​


Check out the progress on mission 9 on our social media or our blog posts!

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