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For 2019, IARC changed missions. Mission 8 was again designed to challenge the bounds of what was currently possible in aerial robotics. For this mission, teams had to control a swarm of drones to accomplish our objective.  In addition, the drones had a man-machine interface that wasn't a traditional radio controller. Drones had to accept commands via audio or visual input. This mission was also GPS denied. 

  • Direct the drone across the competition arena, read in and process 4 fragments of a QR code

  • Piece the QR code together to receive the combination to unlock a chest

  • Avoid enemy drones shooting at you

  • Avoid any obstacles in the competition arena  



The video above is showing a simulation of our mission 8 drone's obstacle avoidance algorithms at work! The blue projections extending out of the simulated drone are visual representations of the sensor projections on the physical drone. The drone's ability to avoid obstacles was pivotal to our success in mission 8!


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