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Texas Aerial Robotics is an undergraduate autonomous robotics research organization based out of The University of Texas at Austin. We design, build, and program fully autonomous drones to complete a variety of missions. Our members learn a variety of industry skills, including CAD, prototyping, Linux, C++, and ROS. 

In the past, we have competed in International Aerial Robotics Competition as well as the Raytheon Drone Showcase. In more recent years, our organization has shifted its focus to be more research-oriented. We are also preparing to compete in this year's Raytheon Drone showcase. 



  • Robotics

  • Neural Networks

  • Machine Learning

  • Aerial Vehicles

  • Drones/Quadcopters

  • Computer Vision

  • Autonomous Control

  • CAD

  • Simulations

  • Team Logistics

Join the team!


We have a mission to accomplish. If you want to work on the cutting edge of aerial vehicles and autonomous control, fill out the interest form.

Interest form:

We will reach out through email regarding info session dates. 

TAR @ Raytheon

Pushing the limits wouldn't be possible without all of the special corporations, institutions, and individuals that support us!

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