Texas Aerial Robotics is an international intercollegiate competition robotics team based out of The University of Texas at Austin. We are currently preparing for the 2020 International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) in Washington DC. The competition itself will be held in both DC and Beijing. 


IARC is a highly sophisticated competition requiring student teams to learn and apply skills including computer vision, computational simulation, parallel computing, controls, design, fabrication, and corporate interaction. 


More information about the competition can be found here



  • Robotics

  • Neural Networks

  • Machine Learning

  • Aerial Vehicles

  • Drones/Quadcopters

  • Computer Vision

  • Autonomous Control

  • CAD

  • Simulations

  • Team Logistics

Join the team!


We have a mission to accomplish. If you want to work on the cutting edge of aerial vehicles and autonomous control, stop by the General Meeting or any of the subteam meetings listed below:

ASE building: 



General Meeting: SUN 11-3 PM ASE 


More details on what each sub-team works on and does can be found here!


Pushing the limits wouldn't be possible without all of the special corporations, institutions, and individuals that support us!